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Cirque Du Freak
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The Midnight Circus is a safe haven for those who have abilities that set them apart from the rest of humanity. The show starts at midnight and the illusions are more real than the crowd could ever believe. There is, however, only one rule -- once you join, you cannot leave.

You must be 16+ to join.
We take any Asian Idols.
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The Cirque is a closed, AU, tumblr, para-based literate role play that goes by KST.

Founded: December 28, 2012
Admins: Junsu | Yoochun
Mod: Jaejoong

Current Location:
Asahikawa, Hokkaido, Japan

18 Members
29 Characters

Home Island

Daehyun is on Hiatus.

Estimated return date—August 27th

The Following Members have Escaped from the Circus:

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Miss A’s [Suzy] is Reserved until July 30th.

Check out our new affiliate, Dawn of Anarchy!

Kyungsoo is on Hiatus.

Estimated return date—August 5th

Activity check — July 20th, 2014

Everyone did so much better this week! Thank you all for being awesome! Please remember to keep your posting up! We love active typists! 

I will have my other project on the Cirque Daily out in just a few moments, along with another drabble prompt later tonight!

Remember, the event ended today so no more plotting for it! Sorry guys! Go ahead and finish up any plots you have going for it. (Heads up, we will probably move soon. Finally!) We will be doing another event when we get to the next place so stay tuned!

-Admins Junsu & Yoochun ♥

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The Following members are on hiatus:

The Following Members are on Hiatus.

TVXQ’s [Yunho] is now Available.

Due to a withdrawn reservation.

Follow the Jeweler, Xiumin!

Name: Kim Minseok (Xiumin)
Age: 24
Tent Assignment: #10 (Silver)
Home Island Cottage Assignment: #256
Skill: Carbon Manipulation

Member Status: Since May 31, 2013

Performance Details: Because he doesn’t consider his power “showy” enough to be a performance, Xiumin uses his musical talents to help out the cirque instead and provides the music to any acts that require it. He prefers playing drums but can also play bass guitar and piano when needed.

Personality: Most renown because of his unbreakable poker face, Xiumin rarely wavers from indifferent in any given situation. Neither a leader nor a follower, he’s a simple does whatever makes sense at the time and deal with the consequences later. Despite his feigned apathy, he’s not anti-social or unapproachable; he just doesn’t actively seek out other people or their attention. However he’s fine with have shallow interactions and relationships with people, finding it less messy and easier to live with than dealing with genuine emotions.  A little known secret is that he refuses to talk about his life before joining the circus, deflecting all questions by exhaling cigarette smoke onto the curious.