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Cirque Du Freak
Admin is: offline

The Midnight Circus is a safe haven for those who have abilities that set them apart from the rest of humanity. The show starts at midnight and the illusions are more real than the crowd could ever believe. There is, however, only one rule -- once you join, you cannot leave.

You must be 16+ to join.
We take any Asian Idols.
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The Cirque is a closed, AU, tumblr, para-based literate role play that goes by KST.

Founded: December 28, 2012
Admins: Junsu | Yoochun
Mod: Jaejoong

Current Location:
Asahikawa, Hokkaido, Japan

18 Members
29 Characters

Home Island

Admin Junsu/Fei/Dara is on Hiatus

Estimated return date—October 1st.

Myungsoo is No Longer on Hiatus!

Welcome back!

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Did this rp die? What a shame, I really liked it here. :(

Sorry if this reply is late; both Admin Junsu and myself have been incredibly tied up lately. I’ve been busy on vacation without internet at the end of August, then preparing for university, and then some personal things came up this past week with my brother. Admin Junsu as well has been busy and away because of her health.

That being said, this rp is absolutely not dead. Just because we admins aren’t around doesn’t mean you guys should think there’s no point in posting anymore. I like to think that our rp has a good, friendly, community of people who enjoy rp-ing and are happy to do so because it’s simply something they love doing—not because they have meet some kind of deadline.

That’s not to say everything you have to post here must be a para with another cirque member (although that should be the majority of what you’re posting). Feel free to write solo paras, which count for activity, but also feel free to do some script with other cirque members—though do try not to go overboard. The long of the short of it is, don’t rely on our presence as the determining factor in how active this community is, because everybody’s posts are what determine the activity level. 

Unfortunately, it is difficult to say when both Admin Junsu and myself will be completely available again. Admin Junsu and all her characters are going to be going on a hiatus for a few weeks, as stated at the beginning of the post, for health-related reasons and I’ve just begun my first year of university. For myself, this not only involves trying to get into a groove with my classes and assignments so that I know exactly when and how to work other things I’d like to do back into my life—including but not exclusively the cirque. I will thus do my best to be around as much as humanly possible, but I simply will not be able to be around the entire time. 

Admin Junsu has responded to questions about activity levels before, and I’d just like to reiterate what she’s said: as much as the two of us love this group and want to see it thrive, this is something we’re doing voluntarily; we have other responsibilities to which we must attend (as often as we wish we didn’t have to). 

Again, this does not mean that everybody else at this rp should stop rp-ing. After all, Admin Junsu and I are not the only ones who make up this community. 

I reiterate: I’m sorry if this reply was late, as we admins have had lots of stuff going on in our lives at the moment, and hopefully we can get this group going again. It is only as dead as the community members let it be.

-Admin Yoochun

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Admin Yoochun/Changmin is on Hiatus.

Expected date of return—September 1st

Hello, I really like this rp idea! I'd love to join but the faceclaim I'd like to play is taken, is the activity check coming up soon for inactive accounts?

Admin Junsu will be back on Monday, so an activity check should be done shortly around then. Sorry for any inconveniences. 

-Admin Yoochun

Kyungsoo is No Longer on Hiatus.

Welcome back!

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Miss A’s [Suzy] is now Available.

Due to a withdrawn reservation.

Daehyun is on Hiatus.

Estimated return date—August 27th

The Following Members have Escaped from the Circus:

Please unfollow them.

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Miss A’s [Suzy] is Reserved until July 30th.