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Cirque Du Freak
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The Midnight Circus is a safe haven for those who have abilities that set them apart from the rest of humanity. The show starts at midnight and the illusions are more real than the crowd could ever believe. There is, however, only one rule -- once you join, you cannot leave.

We take any Asian Idols.
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The Cirque is a closed, AU, tumblr, para-based literate role play that goes by KST.

Founder: Puppet Master Lee Hyori
Admins: Junsu | Yoochun
Mod: Jaejoong

Current Location:
Asahikawa, Hokkaido, Japan

24 Members
35 Characters

Home Island

Actor [Kanata Hongo] is now available.

Due to an expired reservation.

Myungsoo (L) is on Hiatus.

Estimated date of return—May 30th.

Actor [Kanato Hongo] Has been Reserved until April 1st!

Jeongmin/Taekwoon Is No Longer on Hiatus!

Welcome back!

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Regarding the rules, it is said that we have to be 16 and older to apply, does 16 refers to turning 16 or turned 16? Like, can a 98 liner who haven't had his/her birthday this year join? Or do they have to wait the few months?

Sorry for the delay. The rule refers to being 16 on the dot. The rule is in place because there is mature content in this rp, and we as admins have decided it would be best not to have any young roleplayers here and run the risk of exposing them to things they might not be old enough yet to see. So generally yes, you would wait the few months to apply. A lot can change in a short amount of time. 

-Admin Yoochun

The Following Members have Escaped the Circus

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Follow the Four Leaf Clover, Sohee!

Name: Kwon Sohee
Age: 20
Tent Assignment: #10 (Silver)
Home Island Cottage Assignment: #278
Skill: Luck Manipulation

Member Status: Since Kawaguchi, Japan

Performance Details: Sohee, for the most part, can’t make a performance on something that is virtually unseen. However, she does have a side tent where she can perform the tricks she learned from her mother and grandmother -reading palms or tea leaves, making “love potions,” reading someone’s fortune. But, for those who ask, and have some focusing tool for her, she will alter their luck in some way, it all like a typical fair fortune teller.

Personality: Sohee, even though she virtually grew up as a nomad, is a very regular person. She adores traveling, even though she longs for a stable home, and to her knowledge, she’s never had a person in her life for more than a month or so that aren’t family. Due to the fact she never had the chance to formulate a long term relationship with a person, she’s often very blunt and honest, while being laid back. She’ll try anything once, and has the bright curiosity of a child. Unlike her mother and grandmother, she doesn’t appear strange out of her gypsy clothes, and seems at home both in them and in a pair of jeans. Normalcy isn’t so hard for her to achieve, though aspects of her power still haunt her. She has a strong belief in fate and things happening for a reason, and is wildly superstitious, putting actual firm belief in black cats like some might put in the devil. She’s also a romantic, and tends to judge someone based on her gut instinct of them…however if they are judged badly, it takes superman effort to convince her otherwise from there on out. Sohee is also a romantic, constantly searching for her prince, while trying to help others find their soul mate as well. And she often can’t (or won’t) take a hint if someone isn’t interested.

Jeongmin / Taekwoon is on Hiatus.

Estimated date of return — March 19th.

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It’s Moving Time, Freaks!

We are headed, by boat, to Asahikara! We haven’t quite made it out of Japan yet. Ringmaster Junsu has decided it is more cost-effective to continue to perform in the same country than try to scrape together enough money to make the journey to a different one. Looks like it’s time for you Freaks to brush up on your Japanese!

Asahikawa (旭川市 Asahikawa-shi) is located on Japan’s northernmost island, Hokkaido, and is the capital city of the Kamikawa Subprefecture. It is the second largest city on Hokkaido after Sapporo. It has a relatively small population, with only 352, 105 residents. Nevertheless, there are many touristic attractions to be found within the city, including the well-known Asahiyama Zoo and the Sugai Amusement Factory. For those of you courting that special someone, you might want to consider taking a walk up the tree-lined street known as “Romantic Road”. And for those of you looking for a little bit of fun, you’re in luck—Asahikawa is a city also known for its brewing industries. Of course, this all depends on if you can find time in your busy schedules to enjoy the sights. Good luck!

If you are one of the lucky members of the troupe to find some free time in your stay here, remember: cirque members are not to leave the campgrounds without at least one other person—including the leaders! Asahikawa is one of the major rail hubs of Hokkaido, with the Hakodate Main Line connecting the city to Hakodate, in the south of Hokkaido, and the Soya Main line connecting Asahikawa with Wakkanai in northern Hokkaido. If you aren’t up to taking the train, there are municipal buses that run throughout the city. However, Asahikawa is a humid city. This means its summer climate is warm. Unfortunately, we are in the off season so we’ll be subject to the city’s long and cold winters; Japan’s record coldest temperature was recorded here, at −41 °C (−41.8 °F). Temperature barely goes above freezing during March and the city experiences heavy snowfall, so bundle up if you’re going out.

The travel from Kawaguchi to the new campsite will be 24 hours by the two barges that we used to get us here. Don’t forget anything important because we won’t be back here for a long time, if at all! 


  • Para or self-para about the boat ride to Asahikawa!
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